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Ayane totally thought that Pin was just going to ignore her and leave though. Considering the fact that Kent walked out of her house after the events of last chapter, she’s probably thinking she deserves to be on her own. 


Look at how surprised she is that he’s walking up to her, after she shouted at him in the page before. You can tell that she’s totally not used to people treating her this way. Ughh.

I also want to mention these panels:


These are from the page before Pin grabs her shoulders. Now the question is…..are those tears on Ayane’s face or is it rain? It doesn’t look like she’s crying in the later panels but she’s covering her eyes here so it’s really hard to tell. What do you think?

I’m sorry but there is no way that Sawako and Chizu found Ayane by accident. My bet is Pin rang Kazehaya and told him to tell Sawako and Chizu where she is.

Pin makes so many great faces this chapter tho. One of my personal favourites…

Knt 93



Raws were taking too long so I went to a Japanese bookstore to get a copy of Betsuma.  

Here is the link to the Ayane/Pin scenes. I might add the other pages later with the three girls.


UPDATED: Entire chapter now uploaded. 

Best viewing: when you get to the album, scroll to the bottom and double click on the colored cover page (click on the color page again for a larger view) and then click the left arrow (hover over left side of image to see arrow) to scroll through the pages from 1- 42.

kaleiidoscopecolors asked: post/96935907351 are they real scenes from the manga? or maybe you have edited them with photoshop?

They are all edited, sorry to disappoint you. I hope we get some scenes with them like that in the manga though (I can wish).